Frequently Asked Questions

About Cryptocurrency Investment and brokerage services


Sign up to our service here and choose the type of account you would like to create. Simply fill out a quick form so we can contact you without any delay.

Fill out a quick form here

Fill out a quick form here

Fill out a quick form here

You may open multiple accounts as long as they are under the different categories of individual, company, trust or SMSF. You may only open one account for each type of account.

Yes you can. We currently support up to 4 joint holders.  All holders must be verified.


Please visit our Supported Assets page. If you wish to trade an asset not listed on our page, contact your personal broker.

Generally delays are due to increased demand for our service. We operate according to first come first served, therefore please make sure that you complete the onboarding process with us and you plan ahead to prevent delays.

Click here for instructions on how to buy with Amber Oak Capital. Otherwise, contact your personal broker for more information.

Generally speaking, you will receive your assets the same business day the agreed transaction is executed. However, it may take up to one business day if there is blockchain congestion.

Click here for instructions on how to sell with Amber Oak Capital. Otherwise, contact your personal broker for more information.

Generally you will receive your funds between 1-3 business days depending on the bank.

You can transact immediately if you already have an account and wallet verified with Amber Oak Capital. Note, we can only fulfill orders within listed business hours found here.


We charge a flat percentage rate of the total transaction. We do not charge extra for any other supplementary services we provide.

We currently offer the following payment options: PayID, OSKO and BSB & Account Number. For instant deposits, consider PayID and OSKO as BSB & Account may take 1-3 business days depending on the bank.

Generally, all orders are final. However, please immediately contact your broker directly for any changes or cancellations to your orders.

We can only accept funds from a bank account held under the registered name. If you have deposited funds from the wrong account, please contact your personal broker immediately. You can request a bank revert or we can refund the funds from our end. 

We currently only offer services to clients wishing to trade $AUD.

We currently only offer services to Australian residents.

For security reasons we would recommend using a cold wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger Hardware Wallet.

For hot wallets, below are a few of our favourite Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets but you can use any compatible wallets you prefer. Contact your personal broker if you would like further guidance on recommended wallets. 

Visit our educational blog about different wallets for more information

Please notify your personal broker as soon as your wallet address changes so we can update your details. Rest assured that we always send a test transaction and ensure that you have received the asset before sending your assets to your wallet address.

Please notify your personal broker immediately if you have sent cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address. Our process requires our clients to send a test transaction to our wallet address to ensure that they have the correct address before sending the bulk amount. 

Due to the Blockchain, transactions are not reversible nor recoverable and thus it is not possible to reverse the cryptocurrency, for this reason it is extremely important that you double check that the wallet address is correct before sending.

Yes we do. Contact your personal broker for further information regarding available insured custody services options.

All information provided on the Amber Oak Capital website is not financial advice. Speak to your financial advisor if you require financial advice.


A personal broker is your point of contact for any cryptocurrency investment you wish to execute. Your broker enables you to get the lowest spread, minimal slippage and the best market rates. Your broker is able to help you navigate and increase long-term profitability in this volatile and rapidly growing industry.

You are assigned a personal broker as soon as you sign up to our service. Your assigned personal broker will contact you promptly after your contact information has been received via your preferred contact method.

When signing up to our service you are prompted to choose a preferred contact method (E.g. Phone call, Email). Your Personal Broker will contact you through your chosen method. 


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